Beat the January blues.

Without a doubt January is a pretty depressing month. The glitter and childlike excitement of Christmas has been and gone leaving behind the prospect of the return to work, an empty bank balance and a tighter, mince pie stuffed waistband.
1997_1134214iBut don’t forget this can be the start of something new and positive too. New promises of a healthier lifestyle and the prospect of starting something new, be it a new hobby or learning a new skill or even reading something completely different. And in this January, where it is still cold and the nights are still so dark what more of a perfect time is there to snuggle up of an evening with a good book. My New Year’s resolution to myself is to make it my mission to read at least one book a month. Not too difficult you might think, but it is very easy in our modern day hectic schedules to let this simple pleasure slip. But no more i cry, and as record of this i will be posting a book review each month to not only prove to myself and to others that I am sticking to my resolution but also hopefully to offer inspiration to others and offer some good reading recommendations. So sit back, take a sip of hot chocolate and curl up with a good book.

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