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Book Review on The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

The Cuckoo's Calling Book CoverI was looking through the newly released books when I came across this novel. I got curious about it and thought it would be worth reading. Boy, I am so glad I took my chances to read it! Cuckoo’s Calling is such an awesome story packed with mystery. Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym) has done a superb job in writing a brilliant crime debut novel. Who would have thought it was Rowling all along? The quality of writing, the superb sense of place and the profundity of the characters are what set the novel apart from the overpopulated genre of P.I. fiction.

A private investigator, Cormoran Strike, is hired by the brother of a distressed high profile model who was found dead after allegedly falling from the balcony of her Mayfair apartment. Police treat the case as suicide as the entirety points to it. However, as I dig deeper into the novel, I can vividly see that everything is not what it seems to be. Cormoran Strike’s character is perfect for the plot. He’s a fiercely independent ex-military who is going through a bad breakup with his fiancé. With Strike, venturing into the detective business, he finds himself in actual financial trouble. You can feel that the other characters seem like they are real and the exchanging of conversations is convincing. Overall, the depth of mystery in the story is agreeably complex with a wonderful conclusion that I am sure that other readers did not see coming too.

The story brought to life by Galbraith’s true-to-life descriptions makes me feel as if I’m there helping Strike and Robin solve the mystery. I’d say this is somewhat an archaic type of crime fiction novel stressing on cross-examining witnesses and collecting clues instead of directly going into action. It extremely aided me in the development of characters. I’m certainly hoping that Galbraith will add more books in the series. They ought to be worth reading if they are released.