My Writing Realisation as a Beginning Writer

Writer's PenmanshipAs a book enthusiast, a traveller and a ‘writer’, I have a lot of diversity in my life. Sometimes I’m on the road traveling and most of the times I’m in the bookshop (working). Many people have been asking me about my life, typically presuming that it’s boring and uninteresting. I do not see my life this way. As I always point out, I find solitude when I’m surrounded with books. My fascination with books also helped me discover my interest in writing. I do hope one of these days I can publish a book of my own. Traveling, on the other hand, also helped me extend my capacity as a writer and beat the writer’s block I often experience when I’m strained.

One time, I accompanied my sister Claudette to help her find a family car that offers a good personal car leasing deal. We could have saved time if she researched the company and the car online in advance before we actually went to the place. However, she’s not the tech savvy type so I had to endure the long hours of waiting for her to make up her mind. I hope she doesn’t read this. To cut the story short, while waiting for her, I was able to contemplate on what it really takes to become a good writer.

I realised that when you write a book, it is not directly done in one sitting. It doesn’t work that way. Writing is more than just a flash of inspiration and letting the creative juice flow. It requires good research practises. It can actually take months to come up with an outline or an idea that you repeatedly refine and articulate in your head. There’s definitely a process to it. One step that works for me is to integrate the idea I have in a sentence, in a paragraph, and then in a page. By doing this, it allows me to get more ideas on what I should be writing about and it serves as my guide along the way.

I am also able to visualise to whom I am writing for. It’s never about writing merely for your own self. Writing a book involves planning too. You need to plan for it that it will really take longer for the book to finish than expected. I know mine is still far from being finished but I like how things are going. Each writer has a different set of rules and tricks for him to finish a good book. I don’t expect all the things I shared above will work for you too but I do know that wanting to write is not nearly enough to complete your story. For a writer, writing does not come that easily.

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