Month: October 2013

Five Reasons Why Writers Should Take a Break

Writer's TipsIn my quest to finally finish the story I was writing on, I decided to go to the countryside so I could find solitude that could be the thing that’s lacking for me to finish my draft. Without hesitation and without thorough planning, I hastily chose to go to North Devon. Prior to leaving home, I was already able to book a reservation for a single-storey thatched holiday cottage in a small village called Chulmleigh. I’d have to say that the tranquil countryside setting gave me a wonderful opportunity to have a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Then it dawned to me that I should feature this topic so that budding writers like me will know the importance of R&R to fuel their writing and get their creative juice continuously flowing. So, here are five of the many reasons why writers, beginning or expert, should take a break in.

  1. A change of scenery can bring about interesting story ideas. You’d be surprise on the numerous ideas that will just keep on popping into your head.
  2. By taking a step back, you are able to create a more enhanced work flow. It allows you to be more productive since you’ll be able to assess and make amends on your work flow.
  3. When a writer is well-rested, creative juice incessantly flows and the eagerness to work in a project is prevails.
  4. A vacation helps you in distinguishing and reducing bad habits. It allows you to contemplate on reasons that made you procrastinate (e.g. checking Facebook and email too much).
  5. Lastly, taking a step back opens your eyes and ponder on the goals that you want to work on and achieve on a bigger picture.

Truly, my trip to the rural waterside setting was the perfect quiet retreat. I was able to finish my draft. In addition, I got the chance to explore the dramatic North Devon area. I was able to wander around. I got the chance to stroll on the sandy beaches and do bird watching along the quiet riverbank. Not to mention, I left the place in awe. The scenery was breathtakingly perfect. I’d have to say I’m glad I took this vacation.