Month: December 2013

Where to Go in London to Beat Writer’s Block

The Chocolate Festival in Southbank CentreAs I trekked back from a friend’s party, which was just half a mile from where my place was, I started exploring England and began knowing the best ways to beat my writer’s block and to extend my capacity as a writer. There are 3 places that I would suggest for writers to visit:

Chocolates and Southbank Centre

Nobody can actually explain what causes a writer’s block but, everybody’s response is the same – blocked. Fortunately, many experts have found out that a substance called theobromine can make someone happy and relaxed (which I think is the best condition a writer should always feel), and this substance is found in chocolates. Yes, yummy and sweet chocolates which were actually plenty in Southbank Centre in their chocolate festival! I could not resist so I took the chance and guess what? I was blown away by the many varieties of chocolates (I think I could even write a book from those sweeties).

Fun-filled Concerts at Cheshire

Music is the language of the soul as everyone would say but for a passionate writer like me, I would say it frees my mind from the crooked noise of my surroundings. I always love music, especially the classics and the Christmas carols. Given the chance to listen to them all, I went to Tatton Park, Cheshire. There I gave my soul a treat with King Edward Musical Society and their accompaniment. It refreshed my mind and inspired me to write again (yes, should a writer intend to finish a book he or she must be inspired).

Explore and Stretch Out at Cambridgeshire

Part of being a writer is to take readers to memorable places without actually going there. It’s a writer’s intricacy to travel with the readers. Having thought of this, I decided to explore the Cambridgeshire where Straw Bear Festival is usually held. Although I was not able to witness the actual festival because it was not January when I went there, I saw the straw costumes that people would wear during the festival. I discovered new culture and found new friends. By interacting with them I grasped an idea for my next story. Lucky me!

It is not debatable to say that UK has many of the best places to travel on earth. Additionally, it has the best events venue that will help you beat that writer’s block and let new ideas coming through. This is why I took the chance to see unique events venue in the UK with my own eyes. You should too!